Resilience Toolkit

Great tools to

Design exciting business opportunities that enhance resilience for you and your ecosystem.
Build future-proof companies that are more circular, innovative and life-friendly. Be inspired by the successful and sustainable strategies found in nature.

The ResilieNtWEB consortium is pleased to share with you a few tools to help your company become more resilient, or to support your consultancies activities alike.

These tools support the ResilieNtWEB methodology, and can be used standalone, in some of our recommended workflows, or in your own way. Some of these tools are still being polished and will be made available on this page soon.

1. Discover

Starting with our Resilience Design Handbook, you’ll be able to discover the whole approach and toolset. The Handbook gives you most ingredients to drive resilient business model innovation. Download it below (by providing your email information and agreeing upon the user licence terms), or get a nice-looking hard copy from your local project partner.

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2. Assess

Our QuickScan sample report - en Resilience Quick Scan is a short and free online questionnaire to scan your business context relating to your sustainability and resilience practices and capabilities. It is a valuable tool to initiate the thinking on actions to increase your overall resilience, or for continuous improvement.

It is available to use for free at

3. Engage

Resilience Design Toolkit logoOur Resilience Design Toolkit is a great self-containing box that contains all you need to help companies become more resilient.


Resilience Design Toolkit content

The box can be obtained via your local ResilieNtWEB partner directly, and its main composing elements can be obtained digitally below as well by providing your email information and agreeing upon the user licence terms. Read on!

The toolkit consists of

30 Resilience Design Cards, featuring principles of innovation to foster resilience, mimicking innovation in Nature. These cards offer a pedagogic means to engage for biomimicry in business innovation. They provide key questions to drive the thinking, examples from the business and more. Each card gives, via a QR code, access to an online repository of more inspiring company cases and additional tools for your organization. (freely available under CC-NC-ND)

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1 adapted Business Model Canvas (BMC), an internationally recognized tool (freely available under CC-BY-SA) to co-create an organisation that creates, distributes, and recovers values.

30 Resilience Design Magnets, analog to the principles, to be used on your fridge, or in co creation session with the Business Model Canvas. Our Handbook gives you more hints and workshop flows that do work.

1 Resilience Principles Map showing how the principles are inter-connected, and helping finding an innovation trajectory that makes sense for your company. (freely available under CC-NC-ND).

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1 companion online Resilience Design Repository, providing for complementary tools, cases and regular updates by the community of users (freely available under CC-NC-ND).

4. Play for fun & resilience

The Resilience Design Game is a serious game for students, entrepreneurs en intrapreneurs that want to experience first-hand how it is to run a business in the economy of the future.

It is a fun and serious game designed to discover the resilience design principles in about 2 hours, for a team of 4 to 12.

Your local ResilieNtWEB partner may have a few game boxes left to try it out. Contact us directly… (a pdf version ready to print and play is being prepared).

5. Training for consultants

These tools have been used to help over 60 SMEs in North-West-Europe become more resilient over the past 3 years. We believe nevertheless that consultants and managers alike, gain much from experiencing biomimicry first-hand, and therefore invite you to participate to one short (1 day) or full (3 days) training on Biomimicry for Business Resilience. You will be supported in changing your perspective on change, and be able to use the tools presented on this page to ask systematically: “what would Nature do ?” and apply your findings to drive your business in a more resilient way.

Trainings for managers and consultants are provided on a regular basis by Greenloop (BE), the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LU) and other project partners.

Consultants that have successfully followed the training may be granted more permissive licensing conditions on the tools above, allowing a.o. commercial use.