Building Integrated Greenhouse

Technical and economical pre-feasibility studies were financed by the project in order to analyse the integration of greenhouse with building by maximising the exchange of flows (CO2, heat, water and waste) between the 2 structures. This in order to test alternative ways to use available rooftops on buildings.

3 different types of building have been studied. Housing, commercial surface, and event space, focussing on different important aspects: social impact for 2 projects in a more human-centric context,  economic viability for 2 projects with a major business orientation.

The main conclusion is positive: that economic projects tend to be profitable, under certain conditions namely : the minimum surface required, maximisation of exchanges between the greenhouse and the building but also to take account of the other various added value each project can bring (marketing and social benefits for example). The social project (housing project) also illustrate an innovative way for renting apartment while providing a real added value in terms of well-being and autonomy for dwellers.

Finally, each project has his own (his)story. And it is crucial to analyse the multiple existing options before deciding the final scenario.

Usable result

A toolkit for promoters and architect has been created in order to help each promoter choose the right option. It is freely available below upon registration.


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