Innovation for small and medium companies

Working with innovative and balanced business planning and development tools, ResilieNtWEB will focus on your priorities and strategic objectives. By identifying, acknowledging and prioritising external and internal influences on your market place we will assist you to build a business model that will develop your resilience as a company in the future.

Methodological approach: customised guidance

The methodology consists of a number of different steps:

  1. First contact: during this first contact we will (briefly) present you the project, while you will present your company, your motivation and your expectations
  2. Quick Scan: This tool allows us to draw your company’s profile and to identify the issues needing work.
  3. Scoping with the company: this will allow to further work on the identification of issues, but also of opportunities of improvement and/or of new business opportunities. The company can already identify here a number of objectives / targets to be reached at the end of the project.
  4. Design the innovation: You will design an “eco-innovation” action plan in order to achieve the targets defined during the previous step.
  5. Realise the innovation: During this step, you will implement the action plan. We will provide you here the expertise you need (tools, workshops, experts).
  6. Measure success: We will evaluate together the improvement of your sustainability
  7. Reflect & Adjust: Based on the feedback you will give us all along this project, this methodology as well as the tools proposed will be adjusted and improved.


The ResilieNtWEB strategy in a few words:

  • You will benefit from our guidance and support in order to identify the most relevant issues and opportunities for your business.
  • You will get support to develop a creative, sustainable action plan and to successfully implement it.
  • You will participate to a number of workshops that will give you the tools you need to integrate eco-innovations and collaborative intelligence within your organisation.

Through us you will have access to experts in sustainability in your field and to thought-provoking materials for businesses considering sustainability as an important feature of their strategy.

Targeted companies

We aim to work with 66 pilot companies during this project, with a specific number of companies by partner. These companies will go through the different steps of the methodology we developed. They will receive active guidance from the partners during a two-year period (from March 2013 to March 2015). The participation is totally free of charge for the selected companies, but they will have to invest time and human resources in order to maximise the benefits brought to them by the project.

The selection criteria for a company to be a successful candidate:

  • You should be SME, i.e. between 10 -250 full-time equivalents.
  • You should belong to one of the following economic sectors: building, food, tourism; however, up to 20% of the participating companies can belong to another economic sector.
  • Motivation and commitment are key criteria to engage with Resilient Web. The Director/Manager should have time to work on the project and it would be good to have a dedicated person (a referent) from the company to work on the project.
  • You should have at least a minimum degree of awareness regarding sustainability issues (for example you have already implemented certain sustainable actions).
  • Your management should have a 3 years strategy / vision (or longer), where ResilieNtWEB work belongs.