A little extra help for your environmental certification

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) allow you to control your impacts, but also your costs. Monitoring your figures (consumption of energy, water, paper, waste,…) allows you to save resources, energy and money.

This approach also improves your image with your partners, and could even bring you new clients.

Supporting your approach
Where can you start? How can you convince your team and your management?

After the first easy and obvious actions (sorting, changing light bulbs, packaging…), how do you keep the project alive and find new ideas? ResilieNtWEB offers tools to answer these questions.

ResilieNtWEB contributes to stimulating creativity within your company. All based on your activity, on the products and on the services you bring to the market. The tools developed for the project can adapt easily and fit perfectly into an EMS, regardless of the maturity of the process.

Resilience Quick Scan
Resilience Quick Scan is a short questionnaire used to generate a snapshot of a given situation, indicating where the company performs well, but also indicating where improvements are possible, or even desirable.

It is a valuable tool to initiate the reflection on actions to be implemented at the beginning of a project or for continuous improvement.

Resilience Design Cards
For a deeper reflection and in order to generate concrete and original ideas, ResilieNtWEB offers other tools, such as the Resilience Design Cards or systemic approach (system thinking / mapping).

Use within the Brussels Chamber of Commerce
We tested the ResilieNtWEB tools within BECI, the Chamber of Commerce of Brussels. We initiated a process of environmental labelling in 2013 (for which we obtained the Ecodynamic Enterprise label in 2014).

The Resilience QuickScan clearly stated our weaknesses and thus allowed us to structure the approach by helping us to determine priority actions.

Use within hotels
The RQS was also used within the 7 hotels participating in ResilieNtWEB. Most of them had strong environmental programs in place and one or several environmental labels (the regional Ecodynamic Enterprise label, the Green key label, etc.).

The quick scan helped to show that the communication strategy used for the many “green” actions was not always optimal. Efficient communication is a requirement for most environmental certifications, and adequate information about the existence of the program can actually attract and retain clients.

Following the discovery of this issue, brainstorming sessions were organized around the issue of “How to improve green communication” The whole ecoteam gathered and considered how those challenges could be met. They came up with many ideas, some were easy to implement (like adding the logos of labels in email signatures), others were more complex (creating an herb garden, organising a “green” exhibition within the hotel,…).

The action plans resulting from these sessions are currently being implemented and a few actions are planned in the long term, but that approach has already helped to motivate teams and stimulate them in order to walk off the beaten track.

Ecodynamic label in Brussels
ResilieNtWEB tools have proved to be a good addition to a classic environmental approach such as the Ecodynamic Enterprise Label.

This Label is an official recognition of good environmental management for enterprises based in the Brussels Region. It is carried by Brussels Environment, which is also a partner of ResilieNtWEB.

Today, over 190 companies have received their label, and that number is increasing every year. These companies need simple and effective tools to support them in their environmental efforts, and this is why ResilieNtWEB is providing them with tools which have been developed over the past three years.

The Ecodynamic Enterprise Label service aims to integrate them within an overall approach in order to facilitate the work of the candidate or labelled companies.

In 2015, the 3 star labelled establishments, which have reached the top in terms of environmental management, were offered a free «ResilieNtWEB» coaching session by Brussels environment, which will allow them to become familiar with the different tools and perhaps rethink their approach and/or products and services placed on the market.

Do you wish to discover the ResilieNtWEB tools as well? Contact us! info@resilientweb.eu

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