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Océan Marée is a fish and seafood supplier to restaurants, shops and collective restaurants based in Brussels. They assure speedy delivery of high-end fish and seafood products on demand.


The company has implemented several sustainable actions. First of all, they replaced expanded styrofoam packaging with renewable plastic crates.

Doing that, the company saw a strategic advantage in promoting themselves as a preferred reference for sustainable fish and seafood. They were uncomfortable and concerned by global fish stocks and perceived increasing attention for sustainability issues with clients.

A transition toward more sustainable fish delivery would both protect the company against adverse effects of dwindling fish supplies as well as help them answer to demand for more sustainable fish.


The first idea was to convert its catalogue to offer high quality sustainable products. But the clients had to know it. With the help or ResilieNtWEB, Océan Marée created a simple and effective method for rating the sustainability of the products they sell.


After some brainstorming with the ResilieNtWEB team, they quickly realised that they needed to integrate their clients to ensure the success of the initiative. Together with a select group of clients they worked to find the most effective way in which Océan Marée could inform and help them chose the most sustainable products.

The positive reactions and active support from this first group of clients motivated Océan Marée to expand their initiative towards other clients as well.


In order to complete the fish’s journey from the fishing point to the customer, Océan Marée then focused on the delivery of its products. An approach which earned them credibility and effectiveness!

At the time, Océan Marée received deliveries in ‘heavy goods’ vehicles.

SUMY (Sustainable Urban MobilitY) then proposed a consolidation solution in the Brussels periphery, using ‘green’ vehicles for the last kilometers.

Prior to this, depending on the conditions on the roads, the truck could arrive between 8.30 am and 11.30 am. Such uncertainty obviously generated frustration and stress.

Increasing sustainability and liability

During the test year, results showed that 78% of the time, goods arrived between 7.30 am and 8.30 am, which stabilized social costs thanks to more efficient human resources planning. Staff is no longer getting paid to wait for a slow and polluting HGV to get into the city.

In addition, planning the distribution to clients of iced and refrigerated products such as the Gillardeau oysters, the organic Moules de Bouchot, organic prawns, etc. has drastically improved thanks to the introduction of Estimated Times of Arrivals. SUMY vehicles can indeed be tracked in real time.

Another proof that collaboration with your suppliers can lead to efficient progress in terms of competitiveness and sustainability.

Want to learn more about SUMY?

SUMY is the first Belgian start-up for green logistics to set up a durable and sustainable urban transport service for the purposes of controlled temperature distribution.
This solution guarantees the stability of operational costs and an increase in the volumes of deliveries for pharmaceutical and food products distribution professionals.
In practice, SUMY combines Smart Management Distribution and Off Hours Delivery with new silent refrigeration solutions.

In short, we help our customers to
-Improve the regularity of deliveries
-Reduce the negative impact of deliveries on the environment
-Increase the volume of products distributed on time

Impacts in terms of sustainability are both ecological and financial, since SUMY offers solutions allowing its clients to benefit from sustainable profitability and from a significant reduction of emissions, noise and congestion.

We use green vehicles with compressed natural gas (CNG), an alternative type of fuel.
Today, CNG allows for a 39% reduction in CO2 emissions, a 95% reduction in carcinogen particulates and a 50% reduction in noise during transport.
This represents an opportunity for the development of a quieter transportation of goods in Off Hours Delivery, and to reduce daytime traffic problems.

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